WashCreek Organic

Fresh farmed organic beef and lamb straight from the grassy plains of the Hurunui Hills, Canterbury. 100% certified Biogro organic.

WashCreek is the homeblock, on our Waipara station in the Hurunui Hills of Mt Cass

Pioneer settlers used to dam the stream and dip their livestock to eliminate the parasites and keep them healthy. These days we use more eco-friendly techniques of rotational grazing with fruit salad pastures of chicory, clovers, lucerne and plantains to produce the finest organic lean meats with exquisite marbling for exclusive international and local markets so you can enjoy the best organic Lamb & Beef

Free to Roam

Our animals are free to roam the Hurunui Hills where they eat organically grown forage and are treated humanely at all times. This enables our meat to have outstanding colour, flavour, and texture naturally, without the use of nasty synthetic colourings, preservatives, and additives.

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